In cars we trust! † PS News

by John J. Williams

Another week, another notable abbreviation worth celebrating, this time pointing readers to the Christian Bible, where the ultimate answer to road safety may have been discovered.

National Road Safety is in full swing this week – May 15 to 22 – encouraging road users everywhere to “keep on the promise to drive so others survive”.

And what better recommendation to promote the move than to suggest that we all join the ‘Safer Australian Roads and Highways’ group to reflect on the lives lost on the roads and remember that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

In cars we trust!  †  PS News

And for those of us with inclinations for perfection or the realization that the religious acronym of “Safer Australian Roads and Highways” could have the answer, it’s SARAH, the highly regarded wife of Abraham from the Bible and mother of Isaac.

May God bless the organizers promoting the safety program, though PS-assist! Doubt whether the thousands of years old Abraham, Isaac, or even Sarah had a license to drive on today’s roads!

We’d better avoid our potholes, just in case!

In a story from a week or two ago in which the creative genius of Queensland’s Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) fined members of the public who violated parks’ rules and threatened to harm animals, plants, trees, and animals other attractions and bring other visitors are also at risk.

“Rangers are calling for better public behavior in national parks and state forests,” the QPWS said.

Fines were issued to people who illegally rode motorcycles, did not wear seat belts, ignored traffic signs, took dogs to national parks, and camped without a permit, the statement read.

By tackling such misbehavior with a ‘PIN’, QPWS has joined the most popular response to nudists everywhere, where other ‘PINs’ are used as abbreviations to achieve similar results.

From the PS-assist! Include a PIN can not only be a notice of violation, as the service explains above, but it can also be a personal identification number (PIN) in the military, Press information (PIN) in the media, Password identification notification (PIN) in Computing; People in Need (PIN) in Non-Profit Organizations; a positive intrinsic negative (PIN) in electronics; Personal Interactive Navigation (PIN) in IT; Prostate intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) in medicine with much more until it finds the truest of all the acronyms Pain in the neck (PIN!).

Shoot or be shot at?

You are now visiting the popular PS-assist! Parade, which showcases the ruse and wisdom of Victoria’s Department of Health, and the ultra-talented Philomena S has been working hard on hilarity, collecting the brightest contributions from comedy and comedians to create a ​sifting another brain by asking questions that seem to have too many unanswerable answers to answer with.

This week’s scepter of Philomena’s scope begs the question:

“At what point does a shot person qualify to have been killed rather than just killed?”

One for the rich, perhaps, but another fine blunder from Philomena!

Thanks again….!

An encumbered sharp?

To Rama Gaind and her weekly giveaway in which a lucky reader can score a double-disc Blu-ray copy of the eight-part psychological TV thriller Sharp Objects starring Patricia Clarkson, Chris Messina, and Eliza Scanlen.

To enter Rama’s world of winners, all we had to do was tell her which movie stars were the Aussie, and the answer was Eliza Scanlen, who had played Tabitha Ford in Home and Away.

The first correct answer from the PS News Barrel of Booty was from Scott P of Services Australia NSW, making Scott the lucky reader this week and giving Sharp Objects a new home to cut around.

Congratulations, Scott, and thanks to everyone who participated in the fun. Scott’s new blu-ray will be out very soon.

For another chance to be a Rama winner, all you need to do is follow her book and DVD reviews and answer her simple quiz questions, including winning her last reviewed DVD, A Day to Die, via this PS News link and another the Book Resilience Recipes: Making Space for Wellbeing that works at this link.

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