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by John J. Williams

We have a Skoda Kamiq on order and think some cars coming from Europe are missing some of their safety features.

If any security suites are missing, this is a deal breaker for us.

As buyers, we live in strange times and feel we do not influence these matters.

A: Skoda says it has informed buyers in Australia about the “temporary” ry unavailability” of so “e equipment in some variants, including 360-degree rear camera traffic warning and side assistance. It emphasizes that none of this detracts from the car’s safety rating. Full details are on the company company’s including advice that “the cu “tTomercan proceed with the order and accept credit for the cost of those features, continue to wait for the car’s car’s ordered or place the order.” can t “terminate and accept a full refund of the security deposit.” The c “m company says it will return to original specs once components are available.

I am thinking of a Hyundai Venue Elite and would appreciate your opinion.

The Venue is a smart choice. Just be prepared for a long wait; provided you get all the safety features you need, you might want to co. I feel below the Elite, as fewer ‘luxury’ features mean fewer microchips and potentially a shorter delivery delay.

I need a new car and prefer a small SUV because I like the extra height.

My mechanic suggested I buy a Japanese or similar car, which is cheaper to repair, so I looked at the Hyundai Kona.

I don’t kdon’tuch about them, but are they good cars, or can you recommend something else I should consider?

I might prefer a 2020 or 2021 because I don’t won’t wait six or more months to get a car.

The Kona is good, but maybe consider the Kia Seltos, as they come from the same South Korean automaker. As for new car delays, you are paying way too much for something secondhand because so many people are trying to take the same shortcut when buying a car.

I bought a new Skoda in 2019 and found that it does not have a standard service booklet.

Upon inquiry, I was told that Skoda keeps maintenance history on its computer system and does not provide a book to stamp. I now own all receipts for maintenance with the car.

Maybe first inquire with Skoda before you buy a used car for the maintenance history?

It switched to electronic service records with the idea that they would not be lost and could be made available to anyone who needed them. This change is not a surprise or unexpected, as we have also heard about cars delivered without a user manual, just with an online link. It would be good to hear from other owners with a similar experience. uld always keep a paper trail with the full bill for each service.Ask the doctor | PS News

Unfortunately, my experience is that few dealer employees can find them on their system, and one even told me that they are in their  Skoda app for their vehicle.

Perseverance at the dealer event ally led me to a representative who could locate and print the service records.

Could you recommend the sedan or SUV with the most legroom in the back?

We have a kid who will depend on life and is n his way to six feet, so we want to ensure he’s a constable in the back.

Our budget is up to $35,000, and we like to buy new or used.

My first choice would be a Skoda Superb, which has the kind of rear seat space that was once a highlight in the Holden Statesman and Ford Fairlane. It is also a very good car with a mechanical package from the Volkswagen Group and small design touches – such as an umbrella in the door – that set Skoda apart.

I own a 2020 Mercedes-Benz C63s Coupe with 12,500 miles on it with an upgraded interior.

I paid $165,000 for them, and now that Benz will no longer make this 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine, I hear these cars are selling for more than the original price.

A: Everything points to a cult following for the C63, a wonderfully impressive car. It is likely y to bebecomeilikelyollect a collector with buyers today, but the advent of electrification means it is impossible to predict future values.

It looks very impressive on the Volkswagen website, but do you think the $76,000 price tag is worth the money?

It is better than bitterly recommended. The price is right when considering its rivals and the current showroom sticker for a Golf GTi.

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