Quick Answer: Best Answer How Do I Get Ringtones For My Android

by John J. Williams

What is the best way to get ringtones for Android?

9 Best Free Ringtone Download Sites But before we share these sites. You want to know how to set the tones on your smartphone. Mobile9. Mobile9 is a site that provides ringtones, themes, apps, stickers, and wallpapers for iPhones and Androids. Say. iTunes machine. Mobile24. Show7. Ringtone maker. Notification sounds.

How do I download free ringtones to my Android?

If you search for ringtones in the Google Play Store, Zedge is your first hit – and it offers a great selection of free ringtones for Android phones. (It also provides custom wallpapers, notification sounds, and app icons to apply to your handset.) November 2, 2017.

Ringtones For My Android

How do I download ringtones to my Android?

Please! Download or transfer the MP3 to your phone. Move your song to the Ringtones folder using a file manager app. Open the Settings app. Select Sound & notifications. Tap the Phone ringtone. Your new ringtone music should appear in the list of options. Select it.

Where are my ringtones on Android?

Open the Ringtones folder. The location of this may vary depending on the phone you are using. It is usually found in your device’s home directory but can also be found at /media/audio/ringtones/. If you don’t have a Ringtones folder, create one in your phone’s home folder.

What could be better than Zedge?

Top 7 ZEDGE Alternatives for Android You can use MTP ringtones and wallpapers. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers has an interface similar to ZEDGE—ringtones and wallpapers for me. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me has a simple and colorful interface. Wallpapers HD. Backgrounds. Backgrounds. Ringtones XL. Audiko. One comment.

How do I get better ringtones?

How to Change Your Ringtone on an Android Open the Settings app on your Android mobile device. Tap “Sounds & Vibrations.” Tap “Ringtone”. The following menu is a list of possible preset ringtones. After selecting a new ringtone, tap it so that there is a blue circle to the left of the selection.

Are free ringtones safe to download?

Most sources of free ringtones on the Internet present some risk. Sites like Zedge, Myxer, and FunforMobile all host user content allowing people to share their created ringtones. While many users can download for free from these sites without any problems, files on sharing sites like this one can contain malicious code.

How do I download a song to use as a ringtone?

Turn any song into a ringtone Download or put the music you want to set as a ringtone on your phone. Open the Settings app. Go to Sound & vibration. Select Advanced—press the Phone ringtone. Go to My sounds. Press thRingtoneon in the bottom right corner of your ringtone isn’t showing. Find the number and tap it.

How do I download a ringtone to my phone?

Android: Launch the Settings app, then select “Sound & Notification”. Tap “Phone Ringtone” and choose yours from the list. iPhone: Open the Settings app and select “Sounds”. Tap Ringtone, then set the ringtone you just synced.

Where are Ringtonend ringtones on my phone?

Launch the Settings app, then tap Sounds & Vibrations—ringtones ringtone you want to set for your ringtone. Find Ringtone in the list and tap it. Finally, tap the back arrow at the bottom of your screen to put your new ringtone.

How do I change my ringtone song on my Android Ringtoneto ? Make a piece of your ringtone? On your smartphone’s hoRingtonen, tap Apps. Tap Settings. Tap Sounds and notifications. Tap Ringtones > Add. Choose a number from the numbers already stored on your phone. Tap the number you want to use. Tap Done. The song or audio file is now your ringtone.

Where is the default Ringtones stored on Android?

Default ringtones are usually stored in /system/media/audio/ringtones. You may be able to access this location using a file manager.

Where have my ringtones gone?

If you don’t already have one, install a third-party file manager app like Total Commander. It goes to the Downloads folder when you download something like a ringtone directly from the Internet (ii. e. using your browser). You should be able to copy or move that file to the Ringtones folder.

How do I restore my ringtones on my Samsung Galaxy?

A. Current default is set to media storage or custom ringtones. From the top menu, select Show System to display System apps. Scroll down and choose Storage Media. In the Media Storage settings, scroll down, and under Open by default, it should say Some Defaults set. Select this option and then tap the CLEAR DEFAULTS button.

Should I remove Zedge?

Another reason someone might want to remove Zedge is because of ads – not all users like to deal with that. However, to answer the question “is Zedge unsafe” it is definitely “no” – the app is legit.

What is the most popular ringtone app?

Zedge is one of the most popular ringtones and notification tones. Ringtone features many ringtones of different genres and types. You can also search specifically for notification tones, ringtones, and alarm tones.

Why is Zedge a malicious app?

Last year, Play Protect flagged the Zedge app as malicious. The developers had to remove the app from the Play Store to find the problem. The developers could not find any bugs or malware in the app. The Play Protect could be due to issues with the app’s security filters.

How to change your ringtone on Samsung for free?

HoRingtoneet is a music file as a ringtone on my Samsung Galaxy 1. Tap “Settings” and then “Sounds and vibrations”. 2 Tap “Ringtone”. 3 Tap “SIM 1” or “SIM 2”. 4 All ringtones on your device are displayed on the screen. Tap the + icon to use your music file. 5 Select the music file. 6 Tap “Done”.

Is zedge still free?

How much is it? The Zedge app for Android is always free to download and use. You can also pay a subscription fee to use Zedge without seeing ads in our free content sections.

How much does a ringtone cost?

The average cost of a ringtone is $3, and all those millions of ringtone purchases add up. The US ringtone market alone is estimated to be about $500 million a year (compared to $714 million in 2007).

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