Once bitten, twice SharkSmart | PS News

by John J. Williams

This week’s sharp news from Queensland’s fisheries as shark control nets are being returned to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast beaches after being recovered from the water when the weather misbehaved.

“It is standard procedure to remove shark fighting equipment when bad weather is forecast,” explains Fisheries spokesman Sam Fary.

Weather permitting, the Shark Control team brought back the nets and pulled out their masterpiece of brilliance, a rare but effective vertical acronym that says it all for beach safety:

Swim between the flags on patrolled beaches and check the signage

Once bitten, twice SharkSmart |  PS News

Avoid swimming at sunrise or sunset

Reduce the risk, avoid schools of baitfish or diving birds

Keep fish waste and food scraps out of the water where people swim

Swim in clear water away from fishermen

Top marks to the Queensland Shark Control Program, taking ‘SharkSmart’ to a new level.

Let’s hope the sharks appreciate the creativity!!

Abbreviated job a long way

The good news is that a few weeks ago, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) announced it had been licensed as the Australian manufacturing partner of a new treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer.

Always looking to showcase Australia’s PS success stories, PS News started reporting on the success and gathering information to relay what would happen next.

As part of the highly regarded international license, ANSTO had succeeded in collaborating with the German company OncoBeta and its radioisotope therapy, Rhenium-SCT, as well as with an International Registry and EPIC-Skin study.

Everything went smoothly for the rough PS-assist! until the official unraveling of the abbreviations was left, not a little, but a lot to appreciate.

ANSTO approved using the non-melanoma skin cancer as NMSC seemed perfectly smooth, and OncoBeta’s Rhenium-SCT (Skin Cancer Therapy) passed the PS-assist pedantic test. Still, it was then the ‘EPIC-Skin’ study abbreviated itself as ‘Efficacy of Personalized Irradiation’ with Rhenium-SCT – for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer’, that PS-assist! They became detached, and he was last seen lying down.

When is an abbreviation not an abbreviation but a cat meal?

It looks like Ps-assist! Found out when it untangled the ‘EPIC skin’!

Bruce Willis DVD in General

Competition and lucky winners section now that the ever-generous Rama Gaind offers another free giveaway to lucky readers who play her weekly free giveaway game.

This week’s prize is the DVD of Bruce Willis’ Die Hard movie A Day to Die, starring Mr. Willis, Kevin Dillon, and Frank Grillo.

To win a copy of the DVD and earn an eternal place in Rama’s army, we had to identify the role Bruce Willis plays in the film and have our entries in the first three plucked from the infamous Barrel of Jury Booty.

The answer to Rama’s quiz question was the corrupt police chief Alston. The first proper correspondents to communicate it were Gregory C of the Australian tax office, Ros M of the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, and Philomena S of the Victorian Department of Health.

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to everyone who entered. The exciting DVDs will be going to their new owners very soon.

In the meantime, let’s put our luck to work for the rest of us and join Rama’s giveaway games by simply visiting her review of the Book Lonely Planet’s Experience Guides: Italy at this PS News link and following her instructions and visiting her secondly but also first offer the book Keith Urban via this link and then sit back and wait for our prices (hopefully) to come our way.

Good luck to everyone who plays Rama’s rich lottery and emerges as the winner.

Check this space again next week, just like Gregory, Ros, and Philomena did this week, and you, too, could be in Rama’s good books!

And finally, the astute among us will have noticed that one of the lucky winners of Rama’s giveaway this week looks remarkably familiar, and it does.

Famous for her brilliant, if occasional, contributions of contradictions and commentary in PS-assist!, Victoria’s Philomena S has not only entertained us for many months with her wit and wisdom but can now claim her wit, wisdom, and wisdom. WIN after her performance in Rama, Giving away gains!

And to prove that Philomena’s philosophies are as sharp as a Bruce Willis Die hard movie, our well-known co-follower has hit the jackpot of genius again, with some wise advice for us, considering being very careful when deciding what we are going to do. To eat.

According to Philomena and her foresight, a nutritional diet isn’t always best for us, especially if it’s promoted as popular “natural” foods are.

“I used to eat many ‘natural’ foods,” admitted the ever-nutritious Philomena.

“That’s when it dawned on me that most people die a ‘natural’ death.”

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