The order of the audit?

by John J. Williams

This week, I went to an auditor general’s office, where even the most popular and acclaimed government departments and agencies are often brought down by active audit armies exposing errors, misapplications, misinterpretations, and simply missing money in government organizations don’t comply with the financial rule—andd other activities.

While auditors are experts at uncovering covered errors and publishing them for everyone to know, what if an audit doesn’t find anything worth commenting on?

The order of the audit?

Is it a waste of taxpayers’ money and an entire audit team demoralized, discouraged, and dismayed?

The answer lies with the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) in Canberra, which released three audits in the past week without a list of recommendations for improvement.

“No recommendations are being made to Snowy Hydro Limited,” was the verdict as the ANAO completed an audit of the new $5.11 billion Snowy Mountains energy project.

“The board of directors in the CSC is largely effective,” the ANAO stated in the ‘What did we recommend’ section after an audit of the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation; and

“The board of directors in AFTRS is largely effective,” the ANAO said after an audit of the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School.

As a taxpayer, PS-assist! is pleased to know that the money is being spent in such careful hands but wonders if the day will come when the audit offices will not be needed!

To Victoria now, where the state’s generous Country Fire Authority has shown how great it is by holding a 24-day competition to raise funds for mental health awareness.

A worthy goal and a goal worthy of applause.

Indeed, the organizers explained how the competition went and what the participants had to do.

“CFA members from across the state participated in the 2022 Push-Up Challenge to increase mental health conversations,” explained the generous organizers.

Congratulations to everyone who supported the match but the non-participating slack and inactive PS-assist! Instead asked a typically rude question to the organizers.

PS-assist! I wonder if the great push-ups who spent 24 days paying attention to mental health came out of the demanding competition with their sanity fully intact or if it initially helped to be a little ‘creative’.

Still in Victoria, a new road safety campaign has been launched imploring road users to heed the safety warnings as the number of road deaths in the state exceeds 100.

According to the Transport Accident Commission Chief Executive, “While campaigning and education are vital when it comes to reducing traffic trauma, the community must work together to draw a line in the sand.”

“Traffic safety authorities are particularly concerned about the increase in fatalities in the region, the increase in pedestrian and motorcyclist deaths, and the number of young people dying,” the chief said.

He said that “with road user deaths aged 18-25 almost doubled this time last year.”

Call PS-assist! a bit thick, but I can’t quite figure out what: “deaths among road users aged 18-25 nearly doubled this time last year.”

Now it’s time for another giveaway as Rama Gaind dives into her collection of free giveaways and makes one or two readers (or three or four) the lucky winners of her weekly giveaway game.

This week, a lucky reader becomes the owner of the chiropractor Dr. Ali Young. Mom. A life dedicated to working moms everywhere.

To become Rama’s winner, all we had to do was let her know that we have the subtitle of Dr. Young and then manage to be the first entry from PS News’ infamous Barrel of Booty.

The answer was “From maternal burnout to abundant health, joy, and well-being,” The lucky reader to read it for free is Anne B of the Department of Social Services in Canberra.

Congratulations, Anne, and thank you to everyone who participated in Rama’s regular reading round this week. The book will go to Anne very soon.

For another chance to get in on Rama’s lucky giveaway game, check out one of her latest reviews of the Book Own It! Click this PS News link to answer her quiz question and her other review of the book Lonely Planet’s Experience Guides: Portugal. This link is for a second chance.

It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s open now.

And finally, there are rumors that the scammers who copy the popular PSNews Alerts have reared their ugly heads by spreading unapproved messages to some smallpublic sector segmentsr, impersonating the real PS News Alerts and promising to provide a similar service.

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