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by John J. Williams

I bought a 2012 Nissan Leaf from a Sydney dealer in 2014 and, since 2015, have complained that the 170km promised and advertised range has never been achieved.

I believe the battery has failed since the new one and now only gets about 50 miles on a charge – with only 34,000 miles on the odometer.

I want Nissan Australia to respecvehicle’sicle’s battery warranty and replace the battery to give a usable range.

Nissan is eager to help Leaf owners. Your car will investigate the issue in depth: “Nissan Australia has contacted the owner and will conduct a further assessment to determine the battery status of health”. Based on this response from headquarters, the cavalry is on its way.Ask the doctor |  News

I am planning to buy a new Mercedes-Benz A35, which will be delivered in Q4 this year, and when viewing the purchase contract, there is an asterisk indicating that the terms of the agreement can change it.

The contract stipulates that any vehicle price increases will be passed on to the dealer or, at the cost of factory-fitted options, at any time before delivery.

I would only have the right to terminate if the total purchase price has increased by more than 25 percent.

This clause seems completely unreasonable for a store purchase, and I expect to pay only the price stipulated in the contrive. I’ve worked with a local dealer to see what they can dI’mut I’m unlikely to get any comfort.

Your situation reflects the semiconductor shortage, which affects the cars supplied – not just by Mercedes-Benz – in Australia. According to a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Australia, you can expect compensation if a feature is removed from the A35 due to missing computer chips; there could also be an additional cost if something is added per the standard specification. The best solution is to talk to the dealer and get a detailed report and cost estimate of the vehicle coming for you.

I plan to buy a pre-owned Mercedes-AMG G63 and would like your opinion on the twin tailpipes positioned under the side passenger doors and coming out on each side.

Since the exhausts are located under an operable door and opening window and extend beyond the the”plan’ of the vehicle, they violate multiple Australian design rules, notably ADR24.

I took a G63 to a few workshops to get a roadworthy one and ran into issues with the exhaust.

Multiple licensed vehicle testers said they would not issue an RWC for this vehicle because it violated ADR and VicRoads US regulations.

I inquired directly with VicRoads and asked how this vehicle in Victoria could be legal on the road with that exhaust system, as the LVTs referred me to the side exhaust, which conflicted with VS26.

My problem is getting an RWC for this vehicle and what issues I might face if I try to sell it and get an RWC.

This is the official response from Mercedes-Benz Australia releasing the “G63: “All Mercedes-Benz 463 G63 vehicles were certified under the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) relevant when the vehicle was manufactured. Up to the exhaust position, the G63 double exhaust outlets for the rear axle on the left and right side of the car comply and are certified according to ADR 42.

If there is an inconsistency between the federal requirements (ADRs) and the state requirements (regulations for the carriage of road vehicles), the ADRs exceed the highway ordinance. The side pipe location requirements are no longer an ADR requirement since “2005.”

The location is very good, and our choice, especially as an all-new Qashqai, is a few months away, and the current car is showing its age.

Do you have a contact for Kia Australia, as I am having major difficulties contacting them regarding purchasing an EV6 GT?

I contacted KIA headquarters customer service but was told to get my local dealer.

But the dealer was unaware of any difference between an EV6 GT-Line and the EV6 GT.

He told me they already had a stock of the car and sold ouwouldn’tuldn’t get more supply until 2023 and weren’t, ren, ‘t even taking orders.

Korea. Kia’s Kia’s EV6  and Hyundai Ioniq 5, essentially identical under the skin, are completely sis out. They are scarce and sold out within hours of the details being sold honors. If you want a car, commit early when they get an assignment from South  Hyundai—already sold their next job within a few hours.

I ordered a Kia Sportage GT diesel last November, and according to a recent update, it is not scheduled for production yet.

Also, some people on the online forums on Facebook received their vehicles ordered in November.

Unfortunately, your situation is not remotely unusual. Many people have been waiting for the new Sportage for over a year. Sorrythat’sthat’s the reality. You ordered a diesel and a GT, which work against you regarding delivery. Ask the dealer what would happen if you went for a petrol engine and downgraded from the GT, which requires a lot of computer chips.

I want your opinion on which car is the best to buy among the three I am considering.

They are the Kia Sportage SX, Honda CR-V, and Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport.

It would help to decide based on what you can get, not what is necessarily best. Right now, there are better stocks of Mazda vehicles than anything from Kia, so that would pusSportage’stage’s decision away, evit’sf its sliit’setter as a vehicle. The CR-V is not at the top of its class and is expensive.

We are interested in purchasing a new mid-sized SUV.

At this stage, we choose Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, and Subaru Forester, realizing it is an all-wheel drive.

These all fall roughly in our price range.

Interested inWe are interested in sending in views on the relative benefits of these open. Are weeks? Nis is off-roading, so should we reject the Forester?

Three of your four picks have huge waiting lists, so if you want to guarantee an arrival this year, go for the ForeIt’s. It’s also a very good vehicle, and the four-wheel drive system is more for stability on dirt roads and snow than rock-hopping.

I have been told my thhusband’sband’my s’s company requires me to purchase a ute for tax purple.

I’ve purplest about every use, and they all seem so bumpy and noisy.

The onlI’veo I’ve driven that I liked is the VW Amaroisbdoesn’toesn’t have enough safety features regarding airbags and technology, and the Mercedes X-Class.

My husband is concerned that Mercedes will no longer make the X-Class, so they will be difficult to sell, and parts can become expensive and difficult toThere’shere’s also the fact that for the money we can spend, which is around $60,000, we should be buying a 2018 model.

The X-Class is a Nissan Navara under the skin, with some extra safety tech, hit but iit built factory in Europe. So not such a smart choice. The Amarok is a much smarter choice than the X-Class, but Ford has just launched the all-new Ranger, so take it for a test drive before committiit’ss it’s vastly improved and could win you one can’t cone canteen an Isuzu D-Max or a Ford Ranger Wildtrak.

I would be most interested in your thoughts.

A: The Ranger has the advantage of Australian design and engineering, but the choice can easily depend on your taste and vehicle use. Towing or traditional work differs greatly from weekend flights or general suburban driving. Only you can make the final decision, and the best advice is to do extensive back-to-back test drives, including the family, on roads you know and even parking at the supermarket.

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