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by John J. Williams

Dear old PS-assist! IThis week, she s in an old mood, delivering Her Majesty’s birthday lists recognizing and honoring dozens of very talented prosecutors for what the Governor General calls “meritorious, distinguished, and distinguished service.”

As secretary of that committee, dear old PS-assist! Is so impressed and thrilled with the impression the PSMs – and in many PS entities, the Australia Day Medals – have made and continue to make in public services across the country who are doing so much without even receiving the recognition or appreciation get that they deserve.In honor we trust |  PS News

So congratulations to all who have been recognized for their service in the public service, may many more follow over the years.

change place

Special mention now from Veronica B of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Environment for being the first reader to spot the flaw in PS-pssst! ‘s attempt to comment on the potential gender inequality of the new national government’s nomination of a woman as Home Secretary. At the same time, a man was elected as Defense Secretary.

In his (lack of) wisdom, PS-assist! I wondered if there would ever come a day when a woman would be elected to Defense and a man to Home Affairs.

Veronica politely wrote, “I remember Linda Reynolds was Secretary of Defense from May 29, 2019, to March 30, 2021, and Peter Dutton was Home Secretary from December 20, 2017, to March 30, 2021.”

“So that day is over,” she commented.

Mea Culpa, Veronica. You win; we’re wrong.

And to prove it, we’re sending you a Perfectly Popular PS assist! Grab paraphernalia as our way of giving thanks.

Thank you

Poetry on fire!

Now to New South Wales, where the Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service have joined the serpents to mark June as Fire Awareness Month and encourage the community to “be safe, no regrets this winter and guard against house fires”.

“Every winter, we see a spike in house fires,” lamented the NSW Minister for Emergency Services and Resilience.

“Every year, about 20 people lose their lives in house fires,” she lamented.

The Minister’s solution?

“I encourage households across NSW to take simple precautions,” she encouraged.

And among the precautions the Minister ticked off were: making sure smoke detectors work; Do not leave cooking unattended, and do not use outdoor heating equipment indoors.”

All very worthy precautions are likely to save lives, but the protection that stands out from the rest is not only practical, but it is also poetic and can be remembered as such long after the rest has been revised.

And that precaution?

“Keep objects one meter away from the stove!”

I will do that! … and we won’t forget!

Fires for cooking!

Cooking = fire. And while we’re on the very apt topic of State Firefighting, readers with strong memories may recall that last week’s PS-assist! IHe identified the Chief Officer of the Victorian Country Fire Authority as Garry Cook, stating that he is what the frivolous writing world calls an “aptonym” as a person’s name reflects the job they have as a career.

The NSW Minister for Relief and Resilience is as antonymous as Victoria’s as the Minister’s name is Steph Cooke!

Italy is waiting

To Rama Gaind’s weekly giveaway, where one lucky reader becomes the proud owner of a free copy of Lonely Planet’s Experience Guide of Italy this week.

To be the winner, we had to share our favorite city in Italy with Rama and be the first contestant to emerge from the PS News Barrel of Booty to be the traveling judge of PS-assist! to tell.

And the winner who did all that is Jodie W of the Australian Tax Office, who told us how much she would like to visit Italy’s ‘Castel Volturno’.

Congratulations, Jodie, and thank you to everyone who helped us invade Italy over the past week. Jodie’s new Lonely Planet Guide will be coming to her very soon.

If you want another chance to join Rama’s army of winners, all you need to do is play her giveaway game and submit your answer to one or both of her reviews of the Book. Mom. To live. She is just waiting to be read at this PS News link and her also-reviewing masterpiece of the Book Heartfelt Leadership,

Best wishes to anyone who joins Rama’s Riddle of Riches and lectures her reviews to seize the opportunity!

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