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by John J. Williams

Kick-off this week in the national capital, where Australia Post has officially recognized the Belconnen municipality with a rare ‘postmark’ depicting a public artwork, the Belconnen owl.

In publishing the rare and symbolic giant image chosen for the postmark, the local post office manager cleverly announced how he expected residents to welcome the credit bestowed upon their owl-like idol with a positive owl-like opinion.

“Will you send a letter from the Belconnen post office soon?” asked the PO manager.

“The recipient can get a hoot,” kaboom!

A hoot indeed!In owl we trust!  †  PS News

bitter acronym

To the world of compounded abbreviations where now the not-so-accurate acronyms live, the moaning of the pedants pervades.

And the winner this week is the Western Australian Department of Health, whose excellent medical information program maintains highly sensitive personal and medical records of COVID-19-positive people and their close and informal contacts.

While the WA Auditor General felt the department could better protect people’s personal information, PS-assist! Believes that the official acronym would also benefit from a little less creativity.

The department said thisHealth’s Public Health COVID-19 Unified System (PHOCUS) collects highly sensitive personal and medical information…”.

The rude puritan PS-assist! The acronym would say this: PHCUS or, in no time, PHeCUS!

Just as the Court of Auditors gave an opinion, PS-assist! They claim to be the Acronym General who also expresses an opinion.

Winter winners

And just when we thought it was safe to stay in Canberra with the expectation that such cleverness couldn’t get any smarter, the National Capital’s City Renewal Authority put on a good show to show it could be done.

The Authority unveiled plans to enjoy Canberra’s cool winter weather within a few weeks, with a range of winter attractions coming to the capital’s city center during—the July school holidays.

And what better way to promote the event than with a headline guaranteed to grab attention?

“We are developing a winter installation that aims to give the Canberra community a WOW,” the Authority said.

“(It’s) a winter experience in Civic Square!”

You could say it’s summer!

Recipe book for good management

Now, Rama Gaind’s weekly gold giveaway with this week’s self-directed, powerful textbook Resilience Recipes: Making Room for Well-Being That Works by Fleur Heazlewood.

To become a proud owner of Resilience Recipes, we had to advise Rama on how many years of corporate leadership Ms. Heazlewood has had, with the answer being 20 years.

And the first two readers to come out of the PS News Barrel of Booty with the correct answer were Michael C of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Marina N of the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.

Congratulations to Michael and Marina, and many thanks to everyone who participated. The new books will go to their new owners very soon.

If you’d like another chance to join Rama’s army of luck, check out her latest Book, Keith Urban, reviews at this PS News link and her A Day to Die DVD at this link and follow her instructions.

In the meantime, enjoy PS News, Rama’s reviews, and revel in the excitement of (possibly) becoming another PS News award winner.

Good luck!

Deadly figures?

And finally, back in Canberra, the city’s road users are encouraged to pledge to drive so that other road users will survive.

The minister addressed his appeal to the community at large, arguing that people were ‘seriously injured on ACT roads’ and the recent National Road Safety Week was an opportunity to remind everyone that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

He became even more concerned when he dealt with the fatalities on the city’s roads.

“Minister of Transport and City Services…. said too many people are being killed….”

Excuse PS-assist? ‘s pedanticism, but if the current number is too much, what number isn’t too much?

Such a shame that ‘0’ isn’t a number!

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